Carpet Refresher

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Carpet Refresher

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It's Spring Cleaning Time!

What better way to get rid of the Winter Blues and musties in your house, than with fresh smelling carpets! Our carpet refreshers neutralize strong odors and are safe for pets while filling your space with great smelling fragrances.

P.S. This can all so be used in cars too! 


✨ Summer Festival: Ceyton Spice & Orange, like a nice Summer Day.

✨Paris Night's: White Tea, Ginger & Pineapple.

✨Lemon Lavender: Lemon & Lavender a citrus aromatherapy blend.

✨Honeysuckle Jasmine: Warm Floral, like a field of flowers in summertime.

✨Joyful: Lemongrass, which is a mood lifter and brings a sense of calm.  

✨Clean Linen: Take in the amazing scent of fresh clean linens. 

✨Hawaiian Sunset: Hawaiian Ginger & Verbena